There is big news for the IPhone lovers; Apple Company is releasing successor of IPhone 6

Releasing date of IPhone 7

According to reliable sources, the IPhone 7 will probably release in September 2016. Apple stick to a schedule and few of IPhones have been launched in September.

But there are rumors that Apple might bring the mobile earlier into the market. This will take a while to complete development and testing of the phone, so you wouldn’t get it before September.

Design of IPhone 7

IPhone 6s looks similar to the IPhone 6, but the new device will entirely change. To see the appearance we have to wait until September 2016.

IPhone 7

According to Mac Otakara the company has designed no prototypes with ruggedized features, so you can expect water and dust resistant gadget.

 The suggestion of a waterproof iPhone 7 comes from Japan Display. They have come up with the latest technology “Pixel Eye”. The innovation makes easier to use the iPhone while your fingers are wet.

According to source, Apple will design a slimmer phone rather than a waterproof iPhone 7. The latest iPhone will be equipped with a new LCD, which will shrink the iPhone 7 up to 1mm. Apple plans to ditch the bulky 3.5mm headphone jack. We would see a new Bluetooth headphones or a particular pair of headphone included in the handset box.

IPhone 7 screen

If we believe on DigTime source, then the latest iPhone 7 could be with a big resolution. Apple was likely to move on glass on the glass display, which increases then the chance of a QHD or 4K display.

The majority of the Android phones on the market already have QHD screen, Sony Xperia z5 premium is 4k, so probably the company will pump up the resolution. If the latest iPhone gets higher resolution, it might get bigger too, when the Samsung is launching larger screen phones.

IPhone 7 rivals

The iPhone 7 got some of the hard rivals which haven’t yet launched. The two most major competitors are Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge. The buyers highly appreciate both the phones. So Apple needs to do some serious work.

Another handset which can cause trouble to iPhone 7 which is new HTC One M10 is also a worthy alternative to iPhone 7.

IPhone 7 Camera

Apple swapped the 8Mp snapper with 12MP camera tech in iPhone 6s and also upgrades the front camera to 5MP. The components of the iPhone would not be change but the resolution of the picture in iPhone 7 is better and an optical image stabilization. The lens of the camera will be bigger and probably be the dual camera lens in iPhone 7.

IPhone 7 iOS

The iPhone 7 possibly will have the best performance boost because it  may be pack a hexa-core A10 chip which is for sure up from the dual core used in iPhone 6S. We are just hoping for the best but it may not be happened. The Ram in phone will not be enhanced and may stick to 2GB. And the iPhone 7 will land with the iOS 10 but the rumors we will see about the iOS are still a mystery.

IPhone 7 other features

The features which will be embedding in iPhone 7 are testing with different prototypes. The features which may include dual camera, wireless charging, fingerprint scanner and the multi-force touch tech and the most important USB Type –C connector which is companionable with the IPhone 7.May few of them are fail in testing and will not be including in the iPhone 7. This all information gathers from the Chinese social media site Weibo where they post about the different five prototypes of the phone. From other site they have concluded that the headphone jack of the iPhone 7 will be smaller than from the previous phone and make it slimmer. The slimmer iPhone 7 has a drawback that apple is patenting 2mm connector in the iPhone 7 which is below the standard headphone jack 3.5mm and needs an extra adapter for it.

IPhone 7 cost

The cost price is not yet be estimated but probably it may be the same what iPhone 6S recently retails. It is approximately US$649/£539/AU$1,079 and may be slightly upward. But it may be much higher if and only if apple ditches the 16GB model.