You have a large collection of DVDs from personal memories to store bought or borrowed DVDs and they are wearing out.  DVDs are large and bulky but equally fragile.  They are prone to scratches and can develop internal bad sectors.  Careless storage as well as long-term storage harms your DVD and you need to keep a backup to avoid data loss.  Hence, you must know how to copy a DVD.

Fortunately, it’s not difficult to take DVD backup once you know how to copy a DVD properly and efficiently.  Read along to know various methods to copy your DVD.

How to Copy a DVD to DVD

Two disk Drive method

If you have two burners or a single burner and a reader, copying DVD to another DVD is a breeze.  Just insert your original DVD in the reader and the blank DVD into the burner and use any DVD burning software and you’ll get a duplicate in no time.

One disk Drive method

Most people don’t have two burners but a single burner to burn their DVDs.  No need to fret because you can copy a DVD with a single burner easily enough.  To get a DVD duplicated, you need proper burning software and your PC as the middle machine.  Choice of software depends upon the DVD you want to rip and the Operating System on your PC. Once you copy you DVD files onto your PC, then you can write the Video_TS file to another CD to duplicate your DVD.

How to Copy a DVD to PC 

Windows 10/8/7

VLC Media Player:  If you have homemade or unencrypted DVDs to copy, VLC Media Player can do it for you.  It has an internal convert function that helps you rip regular DVDs.

  1. Insert your DVD into the drive.
  2. Launch VLC media player.
  3. Go to MEDIA>Convert/Save
  4. ‘Open Media’ window will popup. Under the ‘Disc’ tab, click ‘DVD’ and then browse to find Video_TS folder.
  5. Then choose the settings for audio and subtitles.
  6. Click ‘Convert/Save’ button. There are more settings on the ‘Convert’ panel.  Fill them up.
  7. Browse to set output directory and output name.
  8. Click start to start copying.

However, if you want to copy encrypted DVD to PC, then VLC Media player cannot help you.

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DVD Copy Software

If you want to backup you huge collection of store bought DVDs to your PC, you need a third party DVD Copy Software.  There are many in the market, free and premium.  Before you buy them, read their reviews and choose the best.  You need reliable software to copy your DVDs to prevent any data loss or viral attacks.  The software chosen should be able to copy DVD to ISO image or DVD folder and copy to a single MPEG2 file having original video tracks and Dolby Audio.   Many flaunt built-in recovery engines with bad sector removal as well.

After you’ve installed the software follow the steps noted below:

  1. Insert DVD
  2. Find the folder that contains files to copy
  3. Select DVD tracks, soundtracks and subtitles.
  4. Select an output options and format.
  5. Start copying

DVD copy solution for MAC

Roxio Toast is easy-to-use DVD authoring software that makes DVD copying easy for unencrypted DVDs for Mac users.  However, if you want to copy encrypted DVD with CSS encryption, you need third-party software like Handbrake to copy your DVD on Mac.

Please Note:

  1. Remove DVD Region codes, UOPs, CSS encryption as well as check Disney’s Fake options before copying an encrypted DVD.
  2. Copy sector by sector if your DVD is heavily scratched, freezes during playback, or is slightly damaged.  Also not that in instances of damaged DVD, some data might be lost.