If you’re one of those who thinks the games to play over text was the last century thing, think again!

It’s true that games like ‘Angry Birds’, ‘MineCraft’, ‘Temple Run’ and the new sensation ‘Pokémon Go!’ top the gaming world. Despite that, simple texting games have retained their fandom around the world.
Games to play over text are brain racking and you can enjoy them with your friends any time of the day… or night. With unlimited SMS bundles and Whats App, texting games have also evolved.

Fun Games to Play over Text

Emoticon Puzzle

is the most popular and enjoyable texting game. It is a very challenging game. Players form words using emoticons and ask other players to decode that word. You’re sure to get some hilarious answers to this one. The more challenging the words, the more fun it is. You may narrow down by choosing a specific category for the game, e.g. names of movies, names of games, names of celebrities.

Chain of Emoticons

It is another favorite among Whats App users. Like classic chain games, the first player sends a random emoticon to his friend or in a group. The next player sends a suitable emoticon that relates to the first one in some way. In this way, the emoticon chain goes on. If a player sends an unrelated emoticon or takes longer than the specified time, he loses.

Jumbled up words

This is a riddle game. You send your friend mixed up letters and your friends correct the spelling. You may narrow down the game by choosing specific categories before starting the game. Or, you may send in the category with the jumbled word as well.
For example,
1. utegno (a body part)
2. letbkslaba (a sport)
3. coremusit (a celebrity)
4. egnlarefridsi (a vegetable)
5. dasahdfihiir ( a player)

Do post your answers in the comments below.

Name me!

This game is fun and can be a great tool to break the ice between two new friends or complete strangers. If you’re looking to take your relation to next level with a friend, do try out this texting game. This game has a tendency to turn a boring casual conversation into a fun naughty exchange. In this game, you write a simple text message to your friend. You friend gives you a name according to what you wrote. For example, you send a message, ‘I saw you in my dream last night’ and your friend could call you ‘dreamer, charmer, foolish’ or whatever comes to her mind. Then you may choose to take turns. You may also make a rule to use the answer word in the next questions to make it more fun.

20 questions

It has been a popular game even before the era of mobile phones. There is hardly anyone who has not played the game. Hence, it’s not surprising that it permeated the digital world as well. One player thinks about a specific topic and in twenty questions, the other players have to find out what it is. The rule is to ask only ‘yes/no’ questions. You win if you guess the right answer in 20 questions. Where am I is its popular variant where one player try to guess the location of the other player.

Reversed Writing

games to play over text

This is one of the most difficult but a trick game to play over text with your partner. While chatting with your sweetie start writing in a reverse way. In the start, you will it quite difficult but with the time you will love to write text in the reversed way. The advantage of reverse writing is that you can keep on chatting even in the public transportation no one will understand your conversation.

 Test your IQ

Test your IQ is another one of your brainy games to play over text. Let’s see if you can find the answer to some of these as well. Don’t forget to post your answers in the comments below.
1. 7 W of the W (now that’s easy)
2. 6 B in a O
3. 26 L of the A
4. 52 C in a P
5. 5 F on a H

Movie and Songs Lyrics

games to play over textMovie line or Song lyrics conversation is one of the most entertaining games to play over text with your friends. Make sure that you play this game with those who share your interest in movies and songs. Send them a line from a movie or a song and see if your friends can respond equally. The game can truly turn hilarious and more points for you if you can keep the conversation real.

Poetic texting

If you and your friends have a creative side and way with words and rhymes, you can text each other in lyrics. Now this game is different from Song lyrics conversation because in this game you will use your own lyrics rather than borrowing them. Say something like, ‘If I let you buy me a Rose’ and wait for your friend or boyfriend respond with a rhyming text. This game can turn from romantic to totally hilarious in a moment. The struggle to keep the conversation real within the flow of verse can be challenging as well as enjoyable.

Story Teller

story teller games to play over textStoryteller is another popular texting game. It’s a fun-filled game with a creative flair. To start the game, one friend sends in a phrase and the other players respond with phrases of their own until you get a fairly long and silly story.

Truth or Dare

truth or dare games to play over text
It’s the right time to play most favorite game “Truth or Dare”. In this game, a person will ask a question to the partner with a truth or dare. To prove you have successfully completed the given challenge, take a picture and send it to your girlfriend or boyfriend. If you are new to each other you can ask a question-based on the relationship like “how many relations you had before this” or “Who was your first crush” Such question will help you know each other more deeply.

The Romantic Treasure

romantic treasure games to play over textThis could be a fun game as well as a great means to know more about your special friend, girlfriend/boyfriend or even a fiancé. Text a list of romantic elements and ask your friend to collect them and send you a picture. To make it easy, you may decide to collect only pictures of them through the internet instead of actual physical objects. Whoever finds the most objects in set time, wins. To know more about each other, you may skip the list and challenge each other to collect things they find romantic. This game can quickly escalate to a more intimate and naughty level.

Kiss Marry Kill

kill marry kiss games to play over textYou must surely have heard a lot about this game on many other websites. The game entered the texting world and was an instant success. The game is essentially similar and quite easy to play over the text messages. In this game, you have to send the names of three persons who both of you know with the option of “kiss, Marry or Kill.” She or He will choose a person for each kiss, Marry and Kill. You can make this game more interesting by naming people you know your friend hates/loves or have a thing for. You can even include your own name if you’re playing with someone you adore or to find out their feelings toward you or someone else… all in the name of good fun.

Would you Rather…?

“What would you rather…?” is a popular game and has gained equal popularity even in texting world. In this game, you give your friend two options to choose from. Traditionally both the options tend to be equally undesirable. However, if you’re playing with a certain special friend, you can easily twist the game into a romantic or even a naughty one. For example, you could ask your fiancé, ‘Would you rather have a wedding in Safari or a honeymoon on Cruise?’ Or you could ask your girlfriend ‘Would you rather like red roses or an expensive dress.’ Now, this can be tricky and you might even know a thing or two about your potential girlfriend and her preferences. You can ask questions that you couldn’t otherwise all in the name of having good fun. It can be a perfect way to know each others’ likes and dislikes.

My Location

my location game to playIt is a popular variant of 20 Questions in which players try to guess the location of their friends. Describe the location where you are. Send a picture for guess or give hints related to special landmarks. You may also give hints related to memorable places that hold special significance for you and your friends. They have to guess your location in 20 questions. If your friends are able to guess your whereabouts right, they win. Then you can switch turns and the game goes on. To make it a little easier you can tell the starting and end letter of your place. This can be a great excuse to get a peek into each other’s daily activities.

Silly Photos

silly-photosIt is one of the silliest games you could play with your girlfriend or close friends. For playing this game you need a smartphone with active internet connection. Find the funniest pictures on the internet and send it to your boyfriend and ask him to do the same thing. You can choose a specific category to make this text game more interesting.

These games are more worthwhile than simply playing online games as these games tend to bring people closer and break the ice. If you’re a PlayStation lover, always searching for Popular PlayStation games list? then you must also check out these awesome texting games. You might as well ditch your PS4.

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