[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]According to the Time Magazine deputy Tech Editor Alex Fitxpatrick, Third DDos attack is underway targeting Dyn. According to Deputy Time Magazine Dyn confirms that Mirai Botnet is accountable for today’s DDos attacks.
DNS provider DynDNS also known as Dyn.com was under aggressive DDos attack. If you use it for your website DNS you probably have experience this today.
The attack affects all those website or online service provider that uses Dyn.com for DNS resolution. The attack affected these sites.
• Paypal
• Netflix
• WordCamp
• Github
• Twitter
• Esty
• Soundcloud
• Spotify
• Amazon
• Heroku
• Shopify
• PagerDuty
• ZenDesk
• Braintree
• Fastly
• Cloudflare
And many other reputed brands.
This attack may affect any website shopping cart check if you are using DynDns services. The attack may affect some other features or services you are providing to customers.

• The external assets of website like fonts, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, images or anything you load from outside server. To fix it you need to move all your asses onto your own server and refer it locally.
• Twitter was taken down earlier today if API become unavailable it may affect users rights to share or tweet.
• Backups: If you stores backup on off server, make sure that domain is accessible and backup is not copied.
• Checkout: As previously mentioned if you payment method goes offline, it will affect transactions on your site and certain pages are inaccessible. Paypal was affected but recovered back.
If you are affected by DDos you should consider using another DNS provider. Amazon has done same to tackle the attack. You need to copy your DNS configuration on new DNS making it the authoritative DNS for your domain this take some time.
According to technical updates the attack appear to be attack on Dyn’s infrastructure. Technical team are working to neutralize the attack.

On last Friday the source code for Mirai malware was released to the general public. According to Brian Kerbs “The internet will soon be under attack from new botnets power unsecured routers, video recorders and other thing that can easily be hacked.

DownDetector shows that many reputed brands were in trouble.
According to Bloomberg that this may be revenful attack against Dyn.com
Dyn posted below update just few minutes after they get under attacked.

The main damages has been on US servers mainly. Servers in Asia and Europe are less impacted during all this scenario.
According to report this is one of the largert attacked in the internet history which is still ongoing.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]